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              4940, Banite vilage, 2 Stefan Stambolov str.


Spa Boarding House “Byalo More” bears the name of the hotel, built in the thirties of the last century by one of the founders of village of Banite, back then called Lazhda, our grandfather – Ivan Gavazov. Here, in the heart of the Rhodope Mountain, on 750m altitude, you will find the peace and relaxation you need.



The village of Banite is located in the eastern part of the Western Rhodopes, between two district centers - Kardzhali and Smolyan. It is located in a mountainous area in the Smolyan region, along the river Malka Arda, 750 meters above sea level.


About the mineral water

The mineral water from the village of Banite, Smolyan region is characterized as slightly mineral, hyperthermal, hydrocarbonate - sulphate, sodium, fluorine and silicon, with an alkaline reaction. The water has good sanitary - chemical characteristics.


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The resort village of Banite is a starting point - for trips to the beautiful surroundings, the flow of the river, for excursions to the places: The Devil's Bridge / 36 km./ ; Hadushki poliani / 30 km. /; Rozhen’s peak and the Observatory / 15 km. /; rest house Prespa / 5 km. /; sites Konnicite; the sanctuary of Dionysus of Perperikon.

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