4940, Stefan Stambolov Sok. No: 2 Banite / Smolyan

Spa Boarding House “Byalo More” bears the name of the hotel, built in the thirties of the last century by one of the founders of village of Banite, back then called Lazhda, our grandfather – Ivan Gavazov.
       Here, in the heart of the Rhodope Mountain, on 750m altitude, you will find the peace and relaxation you need.
       Surrounded by venerable forests, village of Banite is situated on the left bank of Malka Arda river. In whose center there is a mineral water spring, for which it is considered that it was captured in II – III century A.D. Evidence for this were the found remains of an ancient bath with two vaulted pools. Thus during the years the village became a constantly evolving spa resort.
      The mineral water springs at temperature of 43ºC. It is slightly mineralized, which makes her an extremely suitable for treatment and prophylactics of multiple diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, gastrointestinal tract; it is used in the treatment of pulmonary diseases and injuries with heavy and non-ferrous metals.
       We have created for your health a Spa center with sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, massage and fitness.
       If you just love the nature and the adventures, the landscape and history of village of Banite have lots of pleasant surprises for you..
       The clear air, mild climate and the lack of fogs will make the transition for tourists light and pleasant. Besides the hiking routes, crossing the Rhodopes, here in the village of Banite are suitable for hunting, fishing, picnics and herbalism.


Maden suyu hakkında

Banite köyünden maden suyu, alkali bir reaksiyonla hafif mineral, hipertermal, hidrokarbonat - sülfat, sodyum, flor ve silikon olarak tanımlanır. Su, sıhhi - kimyasal özelliklere sahiptir.

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